EU-UNESCO – CCIs & South-South Cooperation

In 2018, the European Union and the UNESCO launched an international call for applications supporting new regulatory frameworks to strengthen the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) and promote South-South cooperation. This programme aims to support developing countries (Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Gabon, Georgia, Jamaica, Mexico, Namibia, Palestine, Panama, South Sudan, Uganda, Zimbabwe) to: This programme will end in 2021.

AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub!

The AU-EU Youth Hub is a multi-stakeholder platform, with Youth at its core, seeking to test new approaches in the African Union-European Union partnership. It aims to strengthen youth as actors of governance and development, and foster youth inclusion and empowerment. 7 pilot projects are currently under implementation in diverse sectors such as education, culture, peace and security, culture, environnement, etc. AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub!

ACP-EU Culture Programme

Implemented by the Secretariat of the ACP Group of States and funded by the European Union, the « ACP-EU towards a viable cultural industry » programme intends to boost the potential of the cultural and creative sector and its contribution to the social and economic development of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries. Main objectives are: Implementation: ACP-EU Culture Programme

Creative Europe: MEDIA Sub-programme

The MEDIA Sub-programme of Creative Europe is designed to support European film and other audiovisual industries. It provides funding for the development, promotion and distribution of European works within Europe and beyond. The programme also supports international co-production funds and contributes to international co-productions between MEDIA participating countries (see the list here) and other countries. MEDIA develops multiple activities and Creative Europe: MEDIA Sub-programme

European Heritage Awards

The European Heritage Awards programme was launched by the European Commission in 2002 and is implemented by Europa Nostra. This annual prize rewards outstanding heritage achievements across Europe in four main categories: Conservation projects, Research, Dedicated service to heritage conservation, and Education, training, and communication. It aims to promote best practices in the field, to European Heritage Awards

Young Talent Architecture Award

The Young Talent Architecture Award (YTAA) is a biannual prize supporting recently graduated architects, urban planners, and landscape architects. It was launched in 2016 as a complement to the EU Mies Award. The three to four selected winners receive € 5,000 each, a profile in World Architects and a support to start their professional careers. The YTAA is organised by Young Talent Architecture Award

Music Moves Europe

Music Moves Europe is the EU programme supporting the European music sector, and funded by Creative Europe. Its main objectives are: The Music Moves Europe Talent Awards is part of this programme and celebrates popular and contemporary music from Europe. It promotes emerging artists to a worldwide audience. All Creative Europe countries are invited to participate to the programme, Music Moves Europe

European Heritage Days

Launched in 1985 by the Council of Europe, the European Heritage Days take place every year in September in the 50 signatory countries to the European Cultural Convention. During these Days, doors of thousands of monuments and sites across Europe are opened to visitors for free, allowing them to learn about their shared cultural heritage. The initiative’s objectives are European Heritage Days

European Capitals of Culture

Every year since 1985, the European Union is designating one or more city(ies) as “European Capital(s) of Culture” (ECoC) for a duration of 12 months during which an active programme of cultural events is organised. This successful initiative is designated too: In addition to this, experience has shown that the event is also an excellent European Capitals of Culture

EUPL – EU Prize for Contemporary Literature

Launched in 2009, the European Union Prize for Literature (EUPL) is an annual initiative supporting the best emerging authors in Europe. The EUPL aims to: The prize is open to countries participating in the Creative Europe programme, which includes non-EU countries. The EUPL is currently implemented by a consortium consisting of the European Booksellers Federation, the European Writers’ Council EUPL – EU Prize for Contemporary Literature