The Oxford Literary Festival is back!

We are partnering with the Oxford Literary Festival for the events to be held at the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford, United Kingdom, on 17 September at 6 p.m U.K. time. Speakers include the Booker Prize-winning novelist Ian McEwan, who will be introducing his new epic novel “Lessons”, the story of one man’s life across generations and across historic upheavals – from The Oxford Literary Festival is back!

Bringing together cultural stakeholders from Benin, Ghana and Togo for regional cultural cooperation

On 16 June, a roundtable discussion was held at ONOMO Hotel in Lomé for cultural stakeholders from Ghana, Benin and Togo. The roundtable is part of a study to identify commonalities of cultural practices in the coastal regions of the three countries. The objective of the study is to promote and boost regional cultural cooperation, as well as Bringing together cultural stakeholders from Benin, Ghana and Togo for regional cultural cooperation

Support to the creation of a Network of Cinemas ‘Art et Essai’ in Morocco

Together with the EU Delegation in Morocco, we are organizing a cinema workshop in Rabat on 12 and 13 May 2022. The objective of this workshop is to provide four Moroccan Cinema partners with expertise and tools to create the first network of cinemas ‘Art et Essai’ in Morocco. This initiative is supporting four partners: Cinéma Rif Support to the creation of a Network of Cinemas ‘Art et Essai’ in Morocco

Celebrating Europe Day with a live-streamed concert

To celebrate Europe Day, we have supported the EU Delegation to the UK and the European Parliament Liaison Office in the UK to host a live-streamed concert on 9 May 2022. The concert presented a host of talented musicians from the Chamber Orchestra of Europe. In addition to a varied classical programme, the Orchestra will play both the Ukrainian national Celebrating Europe Day with a live-streamed concert

Lisa Simiocheva, GCRP 2021

Lisa Siomicheva is a multidisciplinary artist, curator and cultural manager from Berlin. The main focus of her practice is documentary-based art, social change, diversity and migration. Since 2010, Lisa has been working as a curator of cultural events and festivals, collaborating with artists, dancers, musicians and filmmakers at the intersection of art and social challenges. Lisa Simiocheva, GCRP 2021

Elinor Camlin, GCRP 2021

Elinor Camlin is a freelancer committed to organisations and causes that foster positive social change and promote culture throughout the international community. This year, contracts have included working at the highest level of cultural diplomacy with the Edinburgh International Culture Summit; intense community engagement and investment through delivering the ‘Robert Owen 250’ project in Mid-Wales; Elinor Camlin, GCRP 2021

Eugenia Chenlo, GCRP 2021

Eugenia Chenlo is an art manager and creative producer with more than seven years’ experience working in the cultural sector, applying her creative and technical skills to planning events. She is the co-founder of an art management agency called Boreal Projects. Since 2016, the agency has led several cultural projects, collaborated with international institutions, and Eugenia Chenlo, GCRP 2021

Nisa Ashila Ghaisani, GCRP 2021

Nisa Ashila Ghaisani (Shila) is the Grants and Partnerships Manager of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara or MACAN in Jakarta, Indonesia. Shila graduated with a Master of Letters Degree in Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art) from Glasgow School of Art and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Bandung Institute of Technology. Nisa Ashila Ghaisani, GCRP 2021

François Bouda, GCRP 2021

François Bouda is an arts manager from Burkina Faso and the co-founder and associate manager of Sankhof’Arts Productions, a cultural engineering agency. He holds a Licence (bachelor’s) degree in Anglophone Studies, a master’s degree in Arts Management and a European Diploma in Arts Projects Management from the Marcel Hicter Foundation. With more than fifteen years François Bouda, GCRP 2021

Mac Andre Arboleda, GCRP 2021

Mac Andre Arboleda is a cultural worker based in San Pedro City, Philippines. Over the last two years, Mac worked as the Founding President of the UP Internet Freedom Network and helped establish the Artists for Digital Rights Network. He co-founded Zine Orgy in Los Baños and Munzinelupa in Muntinlupa City, which were both conceived Mac Andre Arboleda, GCRP 2021