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13 May 2022

Support to the creation of a Network of Cinemas ‘Art et Essai’ in Morocco

Together with the EU Delegation in Morocco, we are organizing a cinema workshop in Rabat on 12 and 13 May 2022The objective of this workshop is to provide four Moroccan Cinema partners with expertise and tools to create the first network of cinemas ‘Art et Essai’ in Morocco.

This initiative is supporting four partners: Cinéma Rif in Tangier, Cinéma Renaissance in Rabat, Cinéma Colisée and the cinema venue of the Ecole Supérieure des Arts visuels in Marrakesh in their effort to contribute to the revival of Moroccan cinemas as a key player in the Moroccan cinematographic landscape.

For two days, the Moroccan partners will meet cinema experts from Europe and the Middle East to exchange best practices, share expertise and develop tools for the future network.

This workshop follows the numerous exchanges and preparatory work that have been taking place since the summer of 2021 between the various project partners.

In the long term, the four cinema partners wish to propose, as a network, a unique and competitive offer in the field of independent cinema as well as animations adapted to all types of audiences, and more particularly to children and youth.

This workshop is an initiative of the European Union in Morocco coordinated by the EU-funded projects Cultural Relations Platform and Support to EU Film Festivals.

“Support to the creation of a Network of Cinemas ‘Art et Essai’ in Morocco” has been widely shared by the Moroccan media.

Aujourd’hui le Maroca daily newspaper that covers political, economic, social, cultural issues in Morocco has published an article highlighting our initiative along the creation of the “Cinémas Art et Essai” network.

Femmes du Marocthe first Women’s Magazine in Morocco, has also published an article enhancing the support of the EU to the creation of the 1st network of art cinema in Morocco.

Finances News Hebdothe first Moroccan weekly financial news magazine, has published an article as well, bringing out our workshop between Moroccan partners and European experts and the knowledge exchange in the field of art cinema in the country.

Read the full press release (in French): Communiqué de presse Atelier Maroc