Athens (2017)
10 Aug 2017

Taki Togashi, GCLP 2017

Taki Togashi was a participant in the 2017 edition of the Global Cultural Leadership Programme.

Taki is currently the program coordinator for MUZA Kawasaki Symphony Hall with responsibilities for providing alternative learning opportunities for young people based on music and the arts. In addition, as an independent cultural manager, she fulfills commissions from a wide and diverse list of high profile clients such as Knowledge Capital (Osaka), Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, and Arts Commons Tokyo. She has a specific interest in the design and implementation of cross disciplinary programmes, a particular specialty she developed as academic program coordinator for the “ROCKET project” (University of Tokyo); a highly acclaimed programme celebrated throughout Japan which focuses on the specific learning needs of children with specific interests. She is also a strong advocate of the promotion of social innovation within the realm of interactive public engagement and education programmes, a practice which she augments from her wide experience of work within the arts, culture, technology and learning.

“GCLP17 in Athens was an unforgettable week of endless discoveries from a city rich in contexts to the programme’s challenging questions and deeply engaging conversations with motivating young global friends from around the world. This rare learning experience became an opportunity to reevaluate my own career practice and broaden my perspective on cultural diplomacy.”

In order to introduce themselves and their organizations, the participants prepared a poster.

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