Valetta (2016)
1 Dec 2016

Yoko Nishiyama, GCLP 2016

Yoko Nishiyama was a participant of the 1st Edition of the Global Cultural Leadership Programme.

She was born in Tokyo in 1980. After working in 22 countries as a producer and manager for the international production by Japanese Playwright Oriza Hirata and his theater company Seinendan, Yoko started to work in the Japan Foundation for the aim of supporting more artists in the next generation mainly in East Asian countries to get the chance for international exchange. Kinosaki International Arts Center, a center for the artists in residence in West of Japan which she also worked as the program director keeps going focusing on the community engagement between the international artists and local residents. She is also a board member of Open Network for Performing Arts Management (ON-PAM).

“In a session, one of the participants questioned if everyone can be the cultural leader. I kept seeking the answer and mine for this question is yes and no. The figure I made up in my mind as a cultural leader is one who can respect and protect the culture he or she is not belonging to and who can generate the conversation for that even in the political or economical crisis. I would keep learning to be the cultural leader who doesn’t miss any tiny difference or conflict.”

In order to introduce themselves and their organisations, the participants prepared a poster presenting 4 elements – Me, My organisation, My Project and My Dream.

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