6 Dec 2023

Download our paper: Siena Cultural Relations Forum

What is the future of International Cultural Relations, and what role can it have in addressing global challenges?

On September 18-20, 2023, 40 stakeholders in the field of ICR gathered in Certosa di Pontignano, Siena (Italy) to exchange and reflect around this question during the fourth edition of the Siena Cultural Relations Forum. Organised jointly by the Cultural Relations Platform and the University of Siena/CREDO, the event brought together academics, policymakers and practitioners from 30 countries for three days of intensive dialogue and collaboration. The Forum aimed to encourage open conversation among various ICR stakeholders, fostering the exchange of insights and best practices to contribute to global discussions about the future of ICR, advancing sector knowledge, and identifying key challenges and opportunities in the field.

The sessions included dynamic working groups, plenary discussions and activities, and explored a range of relevant themes, such as the role of ICR in addressing climate change, digitalisation, power dynamics, human rights and more. During the three days participants were invited to actively discuss, challenge viewpoints and share their reflections: these valuable contribution have been then collected and consolidated in the Siena Paper, bringing together the main topics, takeaways and recommendations from the event. This document aims to contribute to the ongoing development of the ICR field, serving as a resource to advance the field, while offering a better understanding and guidance to address the identified challenges and opportunities.