Global Cultural Relations Programme
31 Oct 2023

It’s a wrap: what we’ve learned from GCRP 2023

From October 10th to 13th, the Cultural Relations Platform (CRP) brought together 39 professionals from the fields of climate and culture, fostering peer-to-peer exchange, knowledge sharing, networking, and exploring potential collaboration. GCRP 2023 marked its inaugural cross-sectoral edition, serving as a wellspring of inspiration for both participants and the Cultural Relations Platform team.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the programme!

Where and how does the confluence of climate and culture take place? GCRP 2023 explored the intricate relationship between climate and culture, investigating how each sector influences the other. Participants delved into how much they knew about each other’s fields, the obstacles, tensions, and opportunities that can be found in between. Therefore the discussions revolved not only around connecting the dots between culture’s accessibility and its potential to disseminate climate knowledge (and vice versa) but also around climate justice, power dynamics, food systems, and people’s rights. Mapping these areas made it easier for the participants to find less obvious connections between the two fields.

Attendees also had the opportunity to listen and engage with three guests: Elisa Hernández de Pablo, Tabaré Currás, and Rie Alkemade for the panel “How do you stay with the trouble?”. The panelists addressed an area of unresolved tension that is ongoing in their work: how do we ensure that climate change remains at the forefront of our collective consciousness? What is the impact of climate change on people from diverse backgrounds? A discussion about how to stay engaged with the trouble, take responsibility for the future, and inspire transformative action arose, inviting the participants to offer questions and contributions.

Is that the end? GCRP 2023 is a milestone, but it is far from the end of the journey for its participants. Each of them will have the opportunity to become part of our community of GCRP alumni from around the globe. This alumni network promotes continued exchange and idea-sharing. It also facilitates connections with European Union and international institutions, networks, platforms, and key stakeholders, offering engagement with diverse worldwide programmes.

Visit our GCRP page to learn more about the programme.

Watch participants discuss the key lessons they’ve acquired at GCRP 2023.

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