Global Cultural Relations Programme
22 Aug 2023

GCRP 2023: a sneak peek into the selected participants

If you’re familiar with the Global Cultural Relations Programme (GCRP), you might be aware that the past editions were tailored for cultural and creative professionals. However, this year’s edition is different. After 5 editions of GCRP starting in 2016, we decided that there was a need for a shift in focus. We’re in a world where increasingly it is necessary to discuss global issues with those outside our own sectors and to work in a truly cross-sectoral way on societal topics.

For this reason, GCRP this year opened to a new sector, to professionals working outside of the cultural and creative fields. Along with global participants working in various cultural sectors, this year’s GCRP invited applicants working with climate change and environmental issues.

The programme will be connecting participants working in either the cultural and creative sectors or working in climate change and environmental issues.

With topics such as sustainability and green transitioning being on the forefront as pressing issues in many cultural initiatives, GCRP this year will bring together cultural professionals to meet with, learn from and discuss global topics with professionals working in the field of climate and environment – and of course, vice-versa – on how these two different fields can collaborate.

For GCRP 2023, we received over 4.200 applications from 176 countries, which is the highest number of applications received to date.

While we cannot share who the 40 selected participants are (yet – they will be officially announced in September), we can provide you with a sneak peek into their profiles encompassing the diversity of sectors.

Who are the participants? Selected climate participants are working in areas such as: climate policy, circular economy, sustainable food systems, environmental whistleblowing, climate mitigation and adaptation, climate justice and stewards of community-owned heritage and indigenous groups – to name a few.

Selected cultural and creative participants work in various fields such as visual arts, performing arts, music, audiovisual and cinema and more. They include socially engaged arts managers, filmmakers and photographers, festival directors, policy officers and ‘artivists’.

By bringing together two sectors who often to not have the opportunities to connect and collaborate, GCRP2023 aims to provide a unique opportunity and space for innovative discussions and exchanging ideas with peers who have a strong willingness to contribute to a more interdisciplinary and sustainable world.

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