9 May 2023

Download our report: Rethinking the Institutional Design of Project-Based Public Funding for Culture in the Eastern Neighbourhood Region

Moldova Report Cover

In a context of competing policy priorities and limited public resources, oftentimes existing public funding mechanisms for culture are not able to properly support cultural actors in their local socio-cultural work and as players within the contemporary global creative scene. This is a challenge faced by the independent cultural scenes of many post-Soviet countries in Eastern Europe, including Moldova.

In the light of this, the Cultural Relations Platform (CRP)in collaboration with the EU Delegation to Moldova – organised from 30 November to 2 December 2022 the international workshop “Rethinking The Institutional Design of Project-Based Public Funding for Culture in the Eastern Neighbourhood Region”. The event was held at the Onisifor Ghibu Public Library in Chisinau (Republic of Moldova) in partnership with the Coalition of the Independent Cultural Sector of the Republic of Moldova.

The workshop was a response to the local need for up-to-date solutions for the distribution of financial resources in the public interest, so as to strengthen the role of civil society organisations.

The event was attended by 50 cultural professionals from Moldova and the wider region who were invited to exchange best practices in the field of project-based public funding, institutional mechanisms and regulatory frameworks in the field of culture. Thus, the programme included interlinked debates and group discussions leading to concrete suggestions for a future regulatory framework for a Culture Fund in the Republic of Moldova.

The available document is a result of the event discussions, and includes two different sections: the event report – outlining needs, main ideas explored during the event and conclusions of the debates; and the summary of recommendations developed by the participants, with the intention to guide the potential future work and drafting of the Law for the Culture Fund of Moldova.