13 Dec 2022

Download our report “Ukrainian Cultural Actors Mapping and Needs Assessment”

The war in Ukraine has affected all swaths of life, including the cultural sector in the country. In such exceptional circumstances, the Cultural Relations Platform (CRP) has been coordinating an activity in order to support the Ukrainian cultural sector. As its first step, the project experts Anna Karnaukh and Kateryna Kravchuk developed a document that presents a preliminary needs assessment of Ukrainian cultural actors and mapping of the context in the Ukrainian CCI sector.

The primary focus of this document is to explore the level of key institutions and organisations within the Ukrainian CCI sector, identifying the major challenges for cultural operators that are common to all regions and sub-sectors and to examine possible areas for support. The data collection was carried out from 1 August to 12 September 2022 through desk-study (analysing available data), field-study (conducting interviews and an online survey) and focus-groups (incorporating summaries from other focus groups involving key cultural operators).

The team of experts conducted a series of interviews involving experts from Ukraine. Subsequent analysis of the available data on the context was carried out on four levels: Opinion leaders on the wider context of Ukraine and the state of culture; Draft recovery plan by the National Council for the Recovery of Ukraine; Mapping data by UCF; Findings from the other professional group discussions. Moreover, the expert team organised an online survey for the representatives of major CCI operators in Ukraine to look into their key challenges and opportunities, to track relocation patterns, as well as to understand what type of support was in the highest demand.

The document also outlines key EU-funded opportunities that were and are available for the CCI sector since the outbreak of the full-scale war, that international organisations/networks and local horizontal initiatives supported by international donors have offered to CCI actors to cover their personal and organisational needs.

Lastly, the research presents a summary of key challenges, assets and preliminary needs that the team of experts identified while preparing the mapping, that have been used as a basis for planning the workshop held in Warsaw on 20-21 October 2022.‚Äč