8 Dec 2022

Download our report: Value Chain Analysis of Music, Crafts and Product Design in Palestine

Palestine Report Cover Pic

This report offers an analysis of the value chains of three cultural subsectors in Palestine: crafts, product design, and music. In doing so, it sheds light on how to enhance employability and the promotion of CCI products in the West Bank & Gaza. This report serves as a pilot initiative for other cultural sub-sectors in the country. 

This research activity began in May 2022, with most interviews and focus-group exercises having taken place in the same month. It finalized in November 2022 with the production of this report. Asides from the Cultural Relations Platform and two independent Palestinian experts, this exercise counted with the active involvement of the EU Delegation in Palestine, who originally requested support for developing this study.

The document has been divided into two groups according to their primary focus:

  • Analysis
  • Recommendations

In the report you will also find:

  • A list of operating cultural centres (NGOs, civil society organisations, universities, schools for music, groups and individuals)
  • Infographics