8 Dec 2022

Download our report: Mapping Kingston’s Networks of Culture

In 2022, the Cultural Relations Platform has been supporting the EU Delegation to Jamaica in developing a mapping showing the added value of creative industries existing in KingstonJamaicafostering the dialogue between them and facilitating their linkages with Europe.

In this context the two experts, Deborah Hickling Gordon and Stefanie Thomas Gilbert-Roberts, have implemented different actions:

  • Developing a mapping methodology for Kingston’s Cultural and Creative Ecosystem (CCE), to include data, methodology and policy recommendations for Kingston, including its stakeholders and players and reflecting four predetermined priority thematic areas (Creative integration with the Digital Economy; Financial Inclusion/Access to finance; Inclusion and Community Outreach; EU-Jamaica linkages).
  • Implementing the pilot mapping methodology for Kingston, including data collection and other methodological steps to elaborate stakeholders’ presence and status.
  • Developing an events methodology and an operational plan for three thematic events.
  • Identifying EU stakeholders interested in collaboration with Jamaican cultural actors.

This work resulted in a series of documents, that can be downloaded below:

The research provided strong, specific qualitative data for each of the thematic considerations. These were further analysed and articulated in relation to four policy status reports on the Artist, Infrastructure, the Music subsector, and a general report on the status of policy in the Kingston UNESCO Creative City of Music. Moreover, ten priority areas of focus have been proposed, five having a cross-cutting, intersectional and shared Central/ Municipal government focus in relation to the Kingston UNESCO Creative City of Music; and five being general central government policy recommendations.​