Facilitation of Cultural Exchanges & Matchmaking
26 Sep 2022

Urban and street art exchange between European and Nepali artists in Kathmandu

The Cultural Relations Platform, together with the EU Delegation to Nepal and Kaalo 101, are working on a collaboration aiming the connection between European and Nepali artists. The idea is to establish a safe environment for exchange, learning and creativity through a project over one month with residencies, workshops, a collaborative mural and an exhibition.

Two European acts were invited for a residency programme at Kaalo 101, in Kathmandu, to start on the 15th of October: Guapo Sapo, a three-piece art collective based in Germany and Kashink, an artist, activist and performer based in France. During 30 days Nepali urban artists selected locally will join the core team of creatives.

The first days will be dedicated to getting to know each other, understanding each other’s practices and the framework everyone is professionally engaged in. The Nepali artists will take the European artists around the city and their studios, highlight inspirations, show them murals and explain the physical context of each space in regards to ethnicity, culture and history.

Throughout the following days the European artists will conduct workshops for young Nepali artists giving insights into their practice, as well as sharing their knowledge and experiences. These workshops will focus on different techniques and approaches to mural making depending on each artist’s forte. The last two weeks of the residency will be dedicated to the creation of the mural, focused on topics of diversity, youth and the intersection between culture and heritage.

The residency will end with a final exhibition that will showcase the project, its outcomes and works produced by participating artists catered to the public.

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Our partners for this project

The Delegation of the European Union to Nepal

The delegation represents the European Union in Nepal and presents its positions and interests to the government of Nepal with the objective of consolidating EU-Nepal relations. It works as a bridge between the EU and Nepal and communicates on the policies and developments and in particular on the European integration process. Moreover, the Delegation works closely with representatives of EU Member States in Nepal on matters of interest to the European Union.

More information is available on the delegation’s Official Website, Twitter and Facebook.

Kaalo 101

Kaalo.101 aims to create a socially conscious, completely independent creative space that uses art to uplift emerging Nepali artists while engaging with our surrounding physical, social and cultural environment through an accessible, communicative and collaborative exchange. Their spaces are used for a permanent multimedia urban art collection, exhibitions, workshops, mentorships, concerts, reading circles, discussions and experimental artist- and community-led projects.

More information is available on the delegation’s Official Website, Facebook and Instagram.