24 Aug 2022

IDB: Public Funding for Culture and Creativity in Latin America and the Caribbean

This literature analyses the tools implemented by Latin American and Caribbean countries to promote the cultural and creative economy, and the government’s willingness to finance public programs in the cultural space.

Through  its  analyses  of  budgets,  promotion  tools,  and the perceptions of different decision-makers (both public officials  and political  authorities)  of  the  management and   implementation   of   relevant   policies,   this   report provides  a  map  of  the  institutional  arrangements  and resources associated with the implementation of cultural and creative economy policies in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

The main findings of the research include a widespread perception  that  budgets  for  promoting  culture  and  the creative economy are scant given the multiple needs of the sector, with further details highlighting recommendations with a view to facilitate support for culture and/or the creative economy as well as reducing information gaps.

Photo Credit: Sofía Lobos Valentina López Andrés Gribnicow. Editors: Alejandra Luzardo Simone Sasso Trinidad Zaldivar.