Istanbul (2022)
20 Apr 2022

Melody Ma, GCRP 2022


Melody Ma 馬勻雅 (Cantonese: ma5 wan4 nga5, Mandarin: mǎ yún yǎ) is a media tech startup founder, civic and culture advocate, and writer. She is the co-founder of Podyssey Podcasts, an online community of podcast lovers that’s like the “Goodreads of podcasts”. Her writing and cultural advocacy work has appeared in publications across Canada and international media outlets such as The Economist, The Tyee, the Star Vancouver, CBC, Maclean’s, the Toronto Star, the Vancouver Sun, Globe and Mail, SCMP, and more. She currently serves on the board of The Tyee and Vancouver Public Library and has served in various governance capacities to Pi Theatre, Ballet BC, the Arts and Culture Advisory Council for the City of Vancouver, and artsScene of Business for the Arts. As a community advocate, she has led efforts to distribute free rapid COVID tests, preserve Vancouver’s historic Chinatown and started youth computer coding initiatives in schools across her province.