Istanbul (2022)
20 Apr 2022

Catarina Neves Ricci, GCRP 2022


Catarina Neves Ricci (Lisbon, 1984) is a Film and Dance-Theatre director, producer, visual artist and writer, graduated in Buenos Aires and living between Lisbon – Helsinki. Her works often contemplate affecting storytelling and striking visuals where the feminine and non-taboo inhabit. Her universe is sharp with an accurate use of color, symbolisms and sound. Essential themes to her works are: geography, memory, body and intimacy. Her films and stage pieces have been internationally awarded and presented in places such as Mediamatic Amsterdam, P////KT, Slovenian National Theatre Drama, Serralves Contemporary Art Museum Porto, Kino Regina Helsinki. Catarina Neves Ricci has been since 2018 developing a series on Finnish geography and soundscape. MIKA is the first to premiere at Musiikkitalo / Helsinki┬┤s House of Music.