Istanbul (2022)
20 Apr 2022

Anni Pohto Huhtisaari, GCRP 2022


Anni Pohto Huhtisaari is a singer-songwriter and advocate for holistic peace. With her work in the intersection of creativity and international security with an added interest of personal growth she strives towards creating a global community of sensitive and empowered people taking intentional action towards a more peaceful, healthier and sustainable world. As a Berklee College of Music scholar and Master of Political Science her vision stems from a solid academic and professional foundation. Northern Atlantis is the foundation for all her creative impact-making. Right now she is focusing on her artist career using her ancestral last name “Anni Pohto” as her stage name. In addition, she hosts a radio show “Songs of war & peace” on Radio Helsinki, directs music videos with an eye for both beauty and societal critique, and advocates culture as a tool for conflict prevention and resolution among politicians and business people.