Online (2021)
9 Nov 2021

Stanislav Rogozin, GCRP 2021

Stanislav Rogozin

Stanislav Rogozin runs business and not-for-profit projects focusing on technologies, arts, science popularisation and culture. The scope of the projects combine local and international operations in Russia, FSR Countries, Europe and North America. The projects Stanislav was involved in include city, nationwide and international scope. He has experience working at different international conferences around the world.

Over the years Stanislav built his career combining business and not-for-profit activities. He believes that a combination of these two sectors could bring additional benefits for both of them. His career was shaped by running creative projects and managing art venues where people can create new ideas and collaborate to transform them into reality. His portfolio includes creating and running cultural centres, artist-in-residence programmes, film festivals, art exhibitions, cinemas, a film distribution company, science popularisation venues, sport sites and running a professional integrator company of audio/video/stage equipment and IT-product development.