Online (2021)
4 Nov 2021

Veronka Köver, GCRP 2021

“The GCRP has exceeded all my expectations. It has been such a transformative experience to be able to bring our whole selves to the table, to be dreamers and shakers at the same time. Thanks for the inclusive design and thoughtful organisation ot the programme… It has been truly empowering and constructively disruptive for us all”

Veronka on her GCRP 2021 experience

Veronka Köver is a cultural professional with a passion for cultural participation, community building and social change. She is the editorial coordinator for the Creative Europe-funded streaming platform OperaVision and mentors youth workers in the Erasmus+ training programme PERSE. She has worked in print, digital and broadcast media, such as Arte’s culture desk. She holds a master’s degree in Cultural Studies – specialising in the role of participative culture in urban contexts – from University of Edinburgh and in Communication Studies, Anthropology and Cultural Mediation from Université de Liège. She also co-founded a grassroots organisation for climate change and civic engagement.