26 Apr 2021

Research Impacts of COVID-19 in the Brazilian cultural and creative sectors

COVID Brazil

COVID-19 crisis has had damaging effects on cultural and creative sectors around the world, Brazil has not been spared. This research presents the results of a survey on the perception of Brazilian cultural and creative actors regarding the impacts of COVID-19 on their professional activities. 

The research was carried out between June and September 2020 across every Brazilian state in partnership with Unesco Brasil, the University of São Paulo (USP), SESC, Forum of Brazilian States Secretaries of Culture.

Released in Portuguese in December 2020 as part of a three-day seminar, the international release in English and Spanish seeks to provide more open data about the situation in Brazil and enable more international collaboration and solidarity for the country.  The research can be found in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

There is also an interactive panel that allows the user to filter the results by gender, sexual orientation, legal forms (individuals and companies), sector, subsector and States (Federative Unities).

Finally, a video (in English) resumes the main findings of the research.

The report has been coordinated by a team of researchers composed of Rodriguo Correia do Amaral, André Luis Gomes Lira, and Pedro Affonso Ivo Franco.