23 Oct 2020

Culture in Crisis: UNESCO Policy guide for a resilient creative sector

This Policy Guide for a resilient creative sector was published in October 2020 and conducted by the UNESCO.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis it created have had a devastating effect on the cultural and creative industries, revealing and magnifying their pre-existing volatility. Drawing on policies and measures adopted during the crisis, this practical guide highlights emergency measures that have been deemed effective and beneficial, assesses emerging trends, identifies new and existing gaps and offers practical advice to help policymakers position the cultural and creative industries in social and economic recovery plans.

‘Culture in Crisis’ report offers advice on how to respond to the most pressing needs and how to induce the structural changes needed to strengthen the resilience of the cultural and creative industries and prepare for the “new normal”.

This practical guide is divided into three chapters in which readers can find individual thematic factsheets, for fast, self-contained and targeted viewing. Chapters are:

  1. Direct support for artists and cultural professionals: Measures intended to allow artists and cultural professionals to continue pursuing their creative work by protecting their income, safeguarding their jobs or providing guaranteed social securit
  2. Support for sectors of the cultural and creative industries: Measures intended to guarantee the survival of bodies encountering a severe lack of liquidity or cash-flow
  3. Enhancing the competitiveness of cultural and creative industries: Measures intended to assist the cultural and creative industries in readying themselves for the new conditions on the domestic market and international trade


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“We have always had to revisit and rebuild what we do as a matter of course, not just in a crisis. What we do have now, with technology, is the ability to reach out and connect with others, compare, share and discuss. We need to be building bridges as opposed to building walls.”

Dame Evelyn Glennie Virtuoso, percussionist, ResiliArt, International Music Council (28 May 2020)