EU Programmes
13 Oct 2020

European Spaces of Culture

The project “European Spaces* of Culture” is testing innovative collaboration models in cultural relations between European and local partner organisations in countries outside the EU. At the heart of the project lies a new spirit of dialogue, in which equality, mutual listening and learning represent the core values that help build trust and understanding between peoples.

Initiated by the European Parliament in 2018, the project is implemented by EUNIC, with the support of the European Commission (DG EAC, EEAS).

In 2020-21, five pilot projects were selected to be implemented with an award of 50,000 euros. A sixth pilot project will also be implemented in Ethiopia under the umbrella of European Spaces of Culture. The 6 projects are:

  • Benin: Urban Cult Lab’Africa
  • El Salvador, Guatemala & Honduras: Triángulo Teatro
  • Ethiopia: Tibeb be Adebabay – Art in Public Spaces
  • Mongolia: Nogoonbaatar – International Eco Art Festival
  • Sri Lanka: Colomboscope – On Language and Multitudinal Belonging
  • USA: The Grid

*The programme has been renamed from “European Houses of Culture” to “European Spaces of Culture”.