Global Cultural Relations Programme
21 Jun 2019

Global Cultural Leadership Programme 2019: Alumni Reunion!

After three editions, the Global Cultural Leadership Programme comes back for its first ever Alumni  Reunion!

The 120 participants coming from 30 countries will be gathered in Brussels next October to solidify the network of young international cultural leaders.

For this very special fourth edition of the programme, the participants from all three editions of the GCLP will meet and spend three days together, navigating from study visits to group debates on contemporary issues and challenges of global cultural relations, networking and peer learning.

What is the Global Cultural Leadership Programme (GCLP)?

The GCLP is the main training component of the Cultural Diplomacy Platform. Its main objective is to support young cultural managers emerging on the international scene, and coming from 10 partner countries of the European Union as well as from EU Member States, in developing and strengthening their cultural leadership skills.

Through its framework, content and methodology, the GCLP specifically aims to improve the skills of cultural managers, as well as develop collaborative peer-to-peer learning and network building. The programme offers a set of learning modules, tools and manuals for practice-based learning, giving participants opportunities to build meaningful collaborations at the global level, and enabling them to develop fresh insights into international cultural collaboration practices.

The activities of the GCLP will, inter alia, address the managerial practicalities of establishing sustainable cultural exchanges, build long-term collaboration based on people-to-people contacts, and engage in productive co-creation processes. They will engage participants in an experience of international networking in a lean, practice-based and easily replicable learning framework.

What has the GCLP achieved?

Why gathering all previous editions?

The Cultural Diplomacy Platform decided to gather all participants in a training and networking/match-making event to complement the previous editions. The objective of this special edition is to strengthen the Alumni network that has been created over the last three years and to foster project cooperation between EU and non EU cultural operators/leaders.

The Cultural Diplomacy Platform wants to offer a proper follow-up to what has been achieved so far through three editions of the GCLP: consolidating the GCLP community, giving young cultural leaders the tools to create international cooperation and synergies.

All about the GCLP’s previous editions

2016: The first edition of the GCLP took place in Valetta, Malta, from 16 to 20 October in the margin of IFACCA Conference and the European Capital of Culture Valetta 2018.

2017: The second edition of the GCLP took place in Athens, Greece, from 18 to 23 June in the margin of the Documenta14 Conference and the European Capital of Culture Elefsina 2021.

2018: The third edition of the GCLP took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from 28 October to 01 November and included a site visit to European Capital of Culture Leeuwarden-Frysland 2018.

See all participants’ profiles here.

Are you ready to witness the Global Cultural Leadership Programme Alumni Reunion?