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7 Dec 2018

European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage

European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018: what’s next?

On 05 December 2018, in the margin of the closing of the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH) 2018, the European Commission published a new Staff Working Document on a “European Framework for Action in Cultural Heritage”.

Announced in the new European Agenda for Culture, this document responds to the invitation of European Leaders and cultural stakeholders. It builds on the results of the EYCH and ensures its legacy by developing further concrete actions.The Framework for Action promotes and put in to practice an integrated and participatory approach to cultural heritage, and contributes to the mainstreaming of cultural heritage across EU policies.The European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the Committee of the Regions and the Economic and Social Committee support this approach.

Five pillars steer this Framework, among which:

  1. Cultural heritage for an inclusive Europe: participation and access for all;
  2. Cultural heritage for a sustainable Europe: smart solutions for a cohesive and sustainable future;
  3. Cultural heritage for a resilient Europe: safeguarding endangered heritage;
  4. Cultural heritage for an innovative Europe: mobilising knowledge and research;
  5. Cultural heritage for stronger global partnerships: reinforcing international cooperation.

The Cultural Diplomacy Platform is particularly interested in the 5th pillars which aims at reinforcing international cooperation. Cultural Heritage is amongst the main strands on the Joint Communication Towards a EU Strategy of International Cultural Relations and is a field/sector allowing fruitful cooperation on a global scale.

Pillar 5: Cultural Heritage for a stronger Global Partnership

The 2014 Commission Communication ‘Towards an integrated approach to cultural heritage for Europe outlined the role of cultural heritage in international relations and development policies. It highlighted the EU’s commitment to foster cooperation on cultural heritage and contribute to its protection, in cooperation with organisations such as the Council of Europe and UNESCO. During the European Year of Cultural Heritage the EU Strategy for international cultural relations has been effectively put into practice. This strategy builds on the interest and needs in partner countries and on Europe’s expertise in cultural heritage preservation. The Framework entails two clusters of actions to reinforce cultural heritage cooperation. The first cluster targets geographical zones. The second cluster of actions entails horizontal/global actions aiming at strengthening international cooperation on heritage worldwide, in the framework of EU external relations activities.

During the EYCH 2018, the Cultural Diplomacy Platform has put international cultural relations into practice by organising the Forum “EYCH2018: International Perspectives” with speakers coming from 6 continents. See all the sessions in video on our YouTube channel here.