Amsterdam (2018)
9 Nov 2018

Yvonne Gimpel, GCLP 2018

©Manette Ingenegeren ©Teferi Mekonen

Yvonne Gimpel

Yvonne Gimpel serves as general manager of IG Kultur Österreich, the umbrella association of independent cultural initiatives and centres in Austria. Advocacy activities and hands-on services aiming to improve the working conditions for culture professionals are at the core of her work, focusing on contemporary cultural expressions and community-based initiatives. Prior to IG Kultur Österreich, Yvonne worked at the Austrian Commission for UNESCO, serving as Deputy Secretary General and Focal point to the 2005 UNESCO Convention on the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions. She has a deep interest in strengthening systems of collaborative governance of culture and building alliances to unleash the emancipatory potential of cultural work.