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Thiago Jesus

Thiago Jesus is a London-based Brazilian creative producer, researcher, and curator with extensive experience in cross-cultural initiatives on knowledge exchange, innovation, cultural heritage, and social justice. For the past 8 years Thiago has been working at People’s Palace Projects, an arts research centre based at Queen Mary University of London, co-designing and delivering projects aimed at creating new narratives about the impact of the arts in addressing urgent issues in vulnerable contexts in Brazil and the UK. Since 2015 Thiago leads a programme of artistic exchanges with the Kuikuro Indigenous people from Xingu territory, exploring ways in which arts and technology can support the preservation of fragile communities from Amazon. The project is shortlisted for the International Collaboration of the Year prize in 2019’s Times Higher Education Awards. Thiago has a MA in Visual Culture from the University of Westminster, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.