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Gregor H. Lersch

Gregor Lersch works as head of exhibitions at the Jewish Museum Berlin where he is in charge of the programming and the realization of temporary exhibitions. Beside in exhibition making he is interested in developing new museum formats. F. e. for the exhibition “Welcome to Jerusalem” he initiated the realisation of tandem guided tours. Here museum guides with personal connections to Jerusalem have been trained as guides and their dialogue exposes multiple perspectives. Beforehand he was Lecturer at the Chair of Art and Art Theory at European University Viadrina Frankfurt/O. conducting research on art exchange in Central Europe after 1945. From 2006 on he coordinated several international exhibitions, f.e. “Side by Side. Poland-Germany. A thousand years of Art and History” at Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin in 2010 and the world tour of “Egypts Sunken Treasuresin Paris, Madrid, Torino, Yokohama. In 2005 he started his professional career as curatorial assistant of “The New Hebrews – A century of art from Israel.”