Amsterdam (2018)
9 Nov 2018

Daniel Escorel, GCLP 2018

©Manette Ingenegeren ©Teferi Mekonen

Daniel Escorel

Daniel Escorel is a Brazilian cultural manager, researcher and producer. With a bachelor’s degree in International Relations, and a Master’s degree in Development and Cultural Action, he dedicates himself to the research of international cultural policies and the development of projects of international cultural cooperation. He has served in many international film and audiovisual festivals, art exhibitions and at the office of cultural cooperation of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP), in Lisbon. Currently based in São Paulo, Brazil, he holds the position of International Relations at Associação Cultural Videobrasil, an arts organization created in 1983 whose main goal is to identify, promote and debate the artistic production of the global South in contemporary art. He also runs the Circulador project, an incipient platform for fostering artistic dialogues between the youth of Portuguese-speaking countries and territories and promoting its cultural and linguistic diversity.