22 Oct 2018

Voices of Culture – Brainstorming Report

The new Voices of Culture’s report is out!

Voices of Culture is the Structured Dialogue between the European Commission and the cultural sector.

Following the Dialogue Meeting, held on 17 September in Brussels, this brainstorming report  on “Social Inclusion: partnering with other sectors” is the result of the brainstorming process between 35 participants organisations, from the cultural and other sectors. The report looks at the policy, qualities of partnership and research and development aspects of programmes and projects dealing with culture and social inclusion. It lists critical success factors as well as obstacles, and ultimately gives recommendations on how to improve the partnerships between the cultural and other sectors in this sphere. Furthermore, it also addresses the problem of rising exclusionary attitudes among the wider population and proposes possible actions.

  • See the report here
  • See the list of participants here