EU Policy Documents
4 Oct 2018

Creative Europe: towards the next programme generation

What future for Creative Europe?

In June 2018, the Directorate General for Internal Policies of the EU published a study, based on the CULT Committee (European Parliament Committee on Culture and Education) and written by Philippe Kern, Arthur Le Gall and Teodora Pletosu from KEA European Affairs.

This study analises the Creative Europe programme, including its objectives, structure, and aspects related to decision-making and the impact of its implementation.

Among the main findings of this study, there are a few points:

  • Creative Europe is a popular programme considering the amount of applications and the very low success rate ratio (in particular for the Culture sub-programme). This indicates the thirst of artists and cultural workers to engage at European level and to transform the Single Market into a space for creative expressions that values imagination and cultural exchanges.
  • Creative Europetries to overcome the difficulty for cultural operators to benefit from the Single Market whilst they operate in different linguistic and cultural market.
  • Creative Europeis excellent in networking CCS and especially audiovisual professionals and helps them apprehend the European challenge.

Creative Europe ambitions to develop an international strategy but has yet to acquire the human and financial resources to implement this ambition.

  • Full study accessible here.