2 Oct 2018

Culture in the Sustainable Development Goals

Culture in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): A guide for local action

Is culture relevant to meet 17 DGs from the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted in 2015? This guide brings some recommendations on how to use culture for the SDGs and act on a local level. In that matter, M. Andrew Potts, speaker to the Forum on the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018: International Perspectives, invited the cultural professional and EU policy-makers to sit at the same table as the global development table to work together to meet the SDGs:    

“We should let Culture have a seat at the global development table, along with transports, infrastructure, health, sanitation, energy […] I think it is very important for everyone in this room who is engaged in cultural actions to accept this invitation to leave the cultural space and go to the broader cross-sectoral development space and tell your heritage stories”.