23 May 2018

Highlights (3) – EYCH 2018: International Perspectives Forum

On 23 April 2018, the Cultural Diplomacy Platform organised a forum entitled European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018: International Perspectives. The Cultural Diplomacy Platform aimed at looking at the main themes of the EYCH with an international perspective, by inviting speakers coming from 11 countries from outside and inside Europe. The Forum gathered about 250 participants and was a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge, expertise and latest cultural heritage approaches between the EU and its strategic partners.

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The second panel discussion was entitled Engagement and Participatory Governance of Cultural Heritage in a Globalised World with:

Panel moderated by Jasper Visser.

Highlights of the second panel discussion on Engagement and Participatory Governance

Stefania Abarkeli, World Bank:

“Participation and community, these are big words, and they embrace a wide range of meanings.”

Angela Mwai, UN Habitat:

“If the leadership of the institutions, of the cities, of the international organisations actually emphasize the importance of women, demonstrating [that] the role of women is important, then the communities will change.”

Christophe Rivet, Cultural Spaces Consulting:

“How to achieve that success is fundamentally based on your ability to build trust.”

Erminia Sciacchitano, DG EAC:

“It’s something that is more related to the capacity to create relationships and value around it.”