8 May 2018

24/05/2018 New Agenda For Culture Workshop

On 22 May 2018, the European Commission will publish its New European Agenda for Culture.

In this perspective, the Global Governance Programme of the European University Institute in Florence, Italy, organises a workshop on the European Agenda For Culture on 24 May 2018 to discuss it both critically and constructively from a variety of political, legal and practical perspectives.

The Creative Europe programme of the European Commission has focused in major ways on the contribution of the creative and cultural industries to employment, skills, building the Digital Single Market and achieving global competitiveness. EU cultural strategies have also promoted the flourishing of the cultural in non-instrumental ways. Notable among them is the place of the EU as a cultural actor on the international scene. The deployment of cultural resources as a currency of ‘soft power’ has been a particular focus since the Preparatory Action of 2014 on ‘Culture in EU External Relations’. EU cultural diplomacy remains challenged today by the inherent tension between instrumental approaches and the flourishing of cultural communication and exchange in and for themselves. How well does the new Agenda for Culture address this tension and rise to the challenge of ‘global cultural citizenship’ advocated by the Preparatory Action?

To answer this question, scholars and cultural professionals will gather around two sessions: “The New European Agenda for Culture: A Critical View” and “Culture in EU’s External Relations: Potentials and Prospects”. The latter will be discussed by the Cultural Diplomacy Platform Team Leader Ms. Sana Ouchtati: with 10+ years of experience in the field of EU’s external cultural relations, Sana Ouchtati will present the growing role and actions of non-State actors in the 2016 strategy for culture in the EU external relations and ask targeted questions to the speakers of the session.

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