8 May 2018

09-11/05/2018 Americas Cultural Summit

The first Americas Cultural Summit 2018 is happening next 9 to 11 May 2018 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The goal is to bring together leaders in public funding of arts and culture from across the Americas to discuss their role and impact on the rise of cultural citizenship.

With international speakers and leaders in the arts, participants will explore the concept of cultural citizenship through diverse political, social, economic and cultural lenses. The Summit offers a trusting space to exchange ideas and share best practices to advance public support for arts and culture as part of building vibrant, prosperous and inclusive societies.

Cultural Citizenship will be the theme of the Summit, which will further tackle the followings topics: Cultural Rights, Democratizing Technology in the Digital Age, Arts and Social Change, Reconciliation, Diversity and Inclusion.

The conclusions of the Summit will be articulated in a joint call to action adopted by the participants. The results of this joint action will be presented at the 8th World Summit on Arts and Culture in 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • Access the full programme of the Summit here.
  • Visit the Summit’s website and see the speakers here.