15 Jan 2018

17-20/01/2018 Cultural Leadership & Innovation Conference 2018

The 11th Annual Conference of the Association for Arts Management took place from 17 to 20 January 2018 at the University of Music and Theater in Hamburg, Germany. The topic was Cultural Leadership & Innovation: Utopias, Strategies and Challenges of Arts Management.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers and Guest Contributors: Amelie Deuflhard, Director Kampnagel (Hamburg), Simon Kavanagh, kaospilots.dk, Andreas Reckwitz, Professor for Comparative Sociology of Culture, Europa-Universita╠łt Viadrina (Frankfurt / Oder), Steven Walter, PODIUM Festival, Jan Zoet, Director Departments for Theatre and Dance, University of Arts (Amsterdam), Julie Joly, CEO Ecole W (Paris).

Four participants who met in Malta at the Global Cultural Leadership Programme 2016 took part to the conference and presented a workshop entitled “Global Cultural Leadership Training and Cultural Diplomacy”. They each stated what the GCLP was and what it brought them professionally and humanely. More details on the event and its programme accessible here.