Athens (2017)
22 Oct 2017

Lindsay Amini, GCLP 2017

Lindsay Amini was a participant in the 2017 edition of the Global Cultural Leadership Programme.

Lindsay Amini serves as Director of Cultural Programs for the Meridian Center for Cultural Diplomacy at Meridian International Center, a non-profit organization, in Washington, D.C. Since 2016, Lindsay manages Next Level, a U.S. Department of State-sponsored, multi-disciplinary arts exchange that sends American hip hop artists overseas to engage youth, encourage entrepreneurship in the arts, and promote conflict transformation. She also has worked with the cultural diplomacy team to curate exhibitions that showcase international cultures to American audiences, and exhibitions that U.S. embassies use to share American history with international audiences. Lindsay has a Bachelor of Arts in art history from Emory University and a Master of Arts in art history from The George Washington University.