Platform activities

Anusha Ravishankar was a participant in the 2017 edition of the Global Cultural Leadership Programme.

A trained classical dancer in Bharatanatyam, Anusha’s transdisciplinary artistic practice involves intersections in performance installations and movement. Her solo and collaborative works have opened to audiences in India, UK and Serbia. She is currently exploring the themes of everyday objects and the nostalgia they unlock through the human sensorium. In New Delhi, Anusha works as a consultant on arts and culture projects. Her work includes the curation of performing arts festivals, publications and spaces; research on performance arts theory and archives, and theatre advocacy for young learners. Prior to her current position, Anusha worked with Ranga Shankara Theatre in Bangalore and Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts in New Delhi. Anusha currently works with the National Museum and Theatre Professionals Pvt Ltd.