Athens (2017)
10 Aug 2017

Hye Youn Choi, GCLP 2017

Hye Youn Choi was a participant in the 2017 edition of the GCLP.

Hye-Youn Choi is is a graduate student at Seoul National University pursuing a master’s degree in arts administration. Born in Seoul and educated mostly in North America, she has worked with various art institutions around the world. She was a researcher of Ethno-Cultural Art History Research Group in Montreal, worked as an assistant curator at Daelim Museum and Ilmin Museum of Art located in Seoul, and participated in publishing the arts magazine New Media Art 2017 as a contributing editor. She also showcased her paintings at several group shows in Seoul, Montreal and Los Angeles. Currently, she oversees the cultural diplomacy project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea, “Walk with Hangeul (Korean language)”.

“Through GCLP, I once again realized that everyone is equal and yet it is the unique color of each one of us that makes the world rich and vibrant. I’m excited to see what is to come through our respective endeavors.”

In order to introduce themselves and their organizations, the participants prepared a poster.

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