Athens (2017)
10 Aug 2017

Gustavo Vidigal, GCLP 2017

Gustavo Vidigal was a participant in the 2017 edition of the Global Cultural Leadership Programme.

Gustavo is a manager and researcher in culture, development and international cooperation, with more than 10 years of experience. Currently pursuing a doctoral degree in cultural studies at the University of Lisbon, he holds a master’s degree in cultural management from the University of Barcelona. Acting in government, academy and socio-cultural movements, he has engaged in several initiatives, with highlights including founding a cultural business incubator, structuring an evaluation model of the main local cultural support fund in Brazil, and coordinating national and local creative economy policies. He is also involved in different international cooperation networks, having participated in processes as the Global Cultural Leadership Programme of the European Commission’s Cultural Diplomacy Platform and the Emerging Leaders Program of the Policy Center for The New South, one of the world’s most renowned think tanks.

“The most interesting thing about the experience developed by the Global Cultural Leadership Program for me was the possibility to observe different ways in which the participants dealt with local challenges, which are often similar. In this sense, to understand the importance of new models of international cultural cooperation that allow the exchange of technologies and methodologies to deal locally with the main challenges of the global development agenda. Far beyond the experience during the immersion week, what I keep are the established professional relationships and reflections that will contribute to design local policies of creative economy more sustainable and linked to the global issues that challenge us daily.”

In order to introduce themseleves and their organisations, the participants prepared a poster.

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