Athens (2017)
10 Aug 2017

Clara Vaughan, GCLP 2017

Clara Vaughan was a participant in the 2017 edition of the Global Cultural Leadership Programme.

Clara Louise Vaughan is the Head of the Market Theatre Laboratory in Johannesburg, South Africa, and a theatre-maker, arts facilitator, arts manager, and writer. Her work is grounded in her belief in the capacity of theatre and performance to challenge, disrupt, provoke and build in ways that are productive for positive social and individual change. At the Market Lab, which is a division of the world-famous Market Theatre, she brings together diverse theatre-practitioners and other artists to collaborate in various learning/making/experimenting/researching processes, with an emphasis on emerging artists, and subaltern experiences, voices and identities. Her creative, scholarly and pedagogical approach is to investigate a topic or idea through a range of inter-linked processes over a period of time, resulting in several outcomes with a common kernel, and a complex inter-weaving of different ways of knowing. While the roles she plays in the arts environment are diverse, her artistic practice is motivated by an interest in process, curiosity about alternative or experimental ways of learning and making, rigorous research, and collaborative creative methods

“This was a valuable opportunity to meet inspiring, brave people doing exciting creative work around the world. I was challenged, stimulated and inspired to do more with the resources I have, and to build better, more equal partnerships that benefit all stakeholders.”

In order to introduce themselves and their organizations the participants prepared a poster.

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