21 Mar 2017

21/03/2017 Symposium on Cultural and Creative Industries in Europe

This symposium, “Cultural and Creative Industries in Europe: Maximising the Contribution of Culture towards Social and Economic Development”, organised by Public Policy Exchange in Brussels, aims at discussing ways to drive the development of cultural and creative industries in the EU and examine how cross-sector and cross-border collaborations can lead to a stronger and more competitive cultural sector. In addition to their economic value, this symposium will also explore the potential of cultural and creative industries to foster an inclusive European identity and support social cohesion.

One session will, in particular, be dedicated to the international dimension of the European cultural and creative industries, entitled “Encouraging Intercultural Dialogue across Europe: Enhancing Culture in Shared Public Spaces”, with four interventions:

– Recognising the Importance of the EU Strategy for International Cultural Relations
– Establishing a Tolerant Approach to International Cultural Relations and Developing a Multi- Cultural Dialogue
– Facilitating Friendly Networking Initiatives between Young Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurs
– Reinforcing Cooperation on Migrants Cultural Heritage: Sharing Best Practice.

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