15 Mar 2017

15/03/2017 ENCATC Seminar on Culture governance and leadership

On 15 March 2017 (exact date to be confirmed), ENCATC organises a one-day seminar to address the following questions: what is leadership? How is leadership understood in different contexts?
Two dimensions will be discussed: one from an institutional perspective and one from an individual perspective:

– How do cultural operators need to adapt their organisation to the current changing interpretations of cultural governance? Shared and aesthetic leadership are two of the appropriate means that will be discussed as a response to developing new ways of acting.
– An individual (artist entrepreneur, etc.) perspective responses to leadership will also be needed to both complement and thereby respond to the prior institutional leadership framework. Besides, practices of individual leadership practices will be looked at: how does the artist organise himself and how does (s)he use his resources? has (s)he the right tools and skills in place? which business model is (s)he (consciously or unconsciously) using to make his/her own business?