Valetta (2016)
1 Dec 2016

Shuko Ebihara, GCLP 2016

Shuko Ebihara was a participant of the 1st Edition of the Global Cultural Leadership Programme.

Shuko Ebihara grew up in Peru, Japan and U.K. Art always provided opportunity for her to engage with society. The experience has later developed her interests in migration andart education. After studying international relation at Keio university, she has worked at International Organisation for Migration in Helsinki and Tokyo, and the Japan Foundation where she was in charge of various cultural exchange projects. Based on her experience and passion for migration and art, she has founded an organisation kuriya which provide capacity building for migrant youth and through art projects such as video, photography, music and dance. In recent years, she has selected under social entrepreneurship program ‘Future CEO’ by NN Life Japan.

“I never expected to found my own NPO. I never wanted to become a leader, that was the least job I wanted to be. But after GCLP program in Malta: spending time together with the leaders from all around the world, embraced with trainers passion to encourage the participants, I am empowered.  I feel ready to take the lead in new initiatives for my organisation. I am ready to be a leader. ”