Valetta (2016)
1 Dec 2016

Maria Veits, GCLP 2016

Maria Veits was a participant of the 1st Edition of the Global Cultural Leadership Programme.

Maria Veits is a co-founder and curator of TOK, the first officially registered curatorial association in Russia that marks its 10th anniversary in 2019. TOK is a nomadic platform for research-based art projects with the focus on migration, public space and citizens, development of education, forming collective memory, use of natural resources, growing role of the media in the global society, and many emerging issues. Maria is a grant and scholarship recipient for curating, education and research from Bard College, University in Oslo, Fulbright, Goethe Institute and European College of Liberal Arts, Berlin. Maria’s curatorial practice spans different geographies, both in public spaces and in collaboration with a variety of art institutions. She has curated exhibitions, symposiums, conferences, and publications. Her current curatorial interests include contested and silenced historical narratives («Yiddish Cosmos», 2019) connected with potentialities of the futures, alternative scenarios of the past and their dependence on current political processes and visions («Dreamland Never Found», 2017), and reconceptualization of citizenship, migration and national borders («Russian Bar: Why Relocate?@, 2018-2019, «De/Constructing Borders», 2017).

“GCLP was an extremely inspiring and perspective-broadening experience. I was able to meet people I would have not been able to meet otherwise and learn that there are much more similarities in the work of cultural leaders across the globe than I’d thought. I hope similarities in our views and constructive differences on our approached will bring new exciting collaborations.”

In order to introduce themselves and their organisations, the participants prepared a poster presenting 4 elements – Me, My organisation, My Project and My Dream.

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