Valetta (2016)
1 Dec 2016

Julijana Nicha Andrade, GCLP 2016

Julijana Nicha Andrade was a participant of the 1st Edition of the Global Cultural Leadership Programme.

Julijana is free-lance researcher who has lived and studied in different parts of the world. She is currently a PhD candidate at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. She is co-founder of the cultural organization Embaixada Cultural operating in the capital of the State Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte in Brazil. Embaixada Cultural is dedicated to empower artists and cultural activists from the Global South through exchange projects, artist residencies, management and consultancy of artists and the music meeting Musica Mundo which aims brining the international attention to the music industry of Belo Horizonte.

“I was flattered to get the unique opportunity to participate at the first edition of the GCLP. In my professional path, I have participated in numerous seminars, fairs and training programmes, but none of the previous events has given me such a holistic understanding of the role of cultural leadership globally. The chats with extraordinary individuals from diverse backgrounds enriched that experience.”

In order to introduce themselves and their organisations, the participants prepared a poster presenting 4 elements – Me, My organisation, My Project and My Dream.
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