Valetta (2016)
1 Dec 2016

Cecilia Sofia Piña Salas, GCLP 2016

Cecilia Sofia Piña Salas was a participant of the 1st Edition of the Global Cultural Leadership Programme.

Cecilia was born in Durango, Mexico. She began her musical studies of violin at the age of 9, since then, she has participated in several orchestras around Mexico. Her cultural management career started in 2013 at the Cultural Institute of Durango as the Technical Secretary and Director of Artistic Education. Some of her accomplishments in this office were securing important financing for several projects such as the construction of the Knowledge and Arts Center (CECOART), the major rehabilitation of the Ricardo Castro Theatre, the recovery and rerelease of the Atzimba opera, which was lost for 5 decades, the design of cultural and educational projects and the creation of several orchestras.  Currently she is a founding member of Raíces Profundas, a local NGO that promotes cultural projects to support the artistic community in the locality, she is also part of Durango´s Symphonic Orchestra and runs an art gallery and design store.

“Spending a week within the most amazing and diverse cultural managers was a life changing experience for me. Being with people who share  your vision and values in such an international environment lets me realize that cultural leadership can be indeed the world`s best chance for a brighter future.”

In order to introduce themselves and their organisations, the participants prepared a poster presenting 4 elements – Me, My organisation, My Project and My Dream.

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