16 Nov 2016

16/11/2016 Creative Tracks – The b.creative Challenge

The b.creative Challenge is an international competition launced by KEA European Affairs as part of the Creative Tracks project, designed to encourage young artists, cultural and creative entrepreneurs to work for social innovation.

As the world faces unprecedented challenges generated by global political turmoil, rapid technological developments, the population’s rapid growth or the human constant intervention on nature, Creative Tracks aims at foster new ideas and new artistic and creative international collaborations tackling such global social, economic, politic or environmental issues, be it growing poverty rates, social cohesion, access to education and digital literacy, mental and physical wellbeing, transport and people’s mobility, new food and sustainable agriculture, or climate change and environmental protection.

The b.creative Challenge focuses on interdisciplinary and international collaborations between professionals in creative fields like: visual arts, advertising, architecture, crafts, design, fashion, film and video, gastronomy, publishing, radio and television, computer games, performing arts, with the aim to explore the potential of arts and creative entrepreneurship in fostering social and economic innovation.

Deadline for applications: 14 May 2017.

The winning application will be invited to take part in the 2018 edition of the GCLP.