20 Jun 2015

Research Report: EUNIC ‐ Crossroads for Culture

EUNIC is at a crossroads. There are, today, both opportunities and challenges, and EUNIC has strategic choices to make, which have the potential to affect both its development as a network, and the future direction of EU policy on culture in external relations. The objectives of the report, as commissioned by EUNIC Global, were to:

  • Observe and record to what extent EUNIC members incorporate EUNIC ideas and the European agenda for culture objectives in their strategies (national, European and international level) leading to a pragmatic research baseline, which can be built on in the future for further research and strengthening of EUNIC;
  • Observe and identify how, when, and in which priority areas EUNIC members can enhance their cooperation and combine their efforts;
  • Collect and analyse EUNIC project success stories and failed or flawed examples.

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