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Europe has always been an asylum land for migrants. Its ethos has largely been forged thanks to those population’s movements where artists have always played a crucial role, all the more those who have ‘other’ origins, perspectives and views. Beyond the prejudices which often reduce them to their country of origins, migrant artists can tend to universality and build up bridges between different parts of the world and amongst communities in Europe. Far from being a spectator, artists with foreign descent can be actors of social changes, questioning their ‘host’ countries and delivering strong messages of tolerance to their citizens and to European citizens.

In this Breakout Session, the Cultural Diplomacy Platform invites participants to the European Forum Alpbach to discuss issues faced by contemporary artists with foreign origins in their daily practices, in their relations with their communities and what possible role or message they can endorse in this respect.

Ms. Aicha Diallo, Associate & Managing Editor, Contemporary And (C&) – Platform of International Art from African Perspectives
Ms. Oulimata Gueye, Curator, XamXam
M. Daniel Giorev, Assistant to the Director General, European Commission DG “International Cooperation and Development”

Ms. Sana Ouchtati, Team Leader, Cultural Diplomacy Platform.